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A Movie A Day

The original movie rating community

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Welcome to A Movie a Day - the original daily movie rating community.

Looking for committed co-moderators now! If interested, send LJ-Message to ralf_in_japan. (Oct.13th, 2010)

We will post a poll each day, for a random movie, and you can give it a rating, 1-11. Only vote an 11 if the film is in your top ten.

If you have a suggestion or request, reply here after you have checked the memories that we have not posted that movie yet.

The community has been originally founded by tame_the_cunt, used to be maintained by chili_das_schaf and is now maintained by derralf and creativedv8tion.

MEMORIES (sorted list of every movie ever posted here)

Monthly Theme Weeks 2007

March: Gay / Gay Interest
April: Musical
May: Martial Arts
June: Arthurian Legend
July: Film Noir
August: Biography
September: B-Movies
October: Dystopia
November: Animation
December: Holidays

Monthly Theme Weeks 2008

January: Heist/Con movies
February: Academy Awards 2008
March: Drama
April: Romance
May: Videogames
June: Creature Feature
July: Africa (not necessarily African movies)
August & September: Food Related
October : movies from 1988
November : Politics and Elections
December : BRRRR!

Monthly(ish) Theme Weeks 2009

January : -
February : Canadian Movies
March : All Things Irish
April : Western
May : Mother
June : India
July : -
August : Animals
September : TBA
October : TBA
November : TBA
December : TBA

Monthly(is) Theme Weeks for 2010

February: Monster Comedies
April: Animated Movies
May: Hong Kong Cinema
June: WAR!